Am I still a librarian?

typed sign that says Librarian Interviews: Please have a seat

I hate debates about what makes someone a librarian. Is it a Master's degree? Your title? Your rank? Admin, classified, or faculty? Whether you sit at a desk, have an office, or work behind a counter? Work with the public or behind the scenes? I have a lot of thoughts about identity, and I guess… Continue reading Am I still a librarian?

To be a student parent at a community college in Washington State.

What is it like to go to college while taking care of a family? I have the privilege of saying I don't know. What I do know is that I love working with community college students, in part because they are always juggling multiple responsibilities: taking care of family, working to pay the bills, going… Continue reading To be a student parent at a community college in Washington State.

Libraries & learning analytics: A brief history.

January 2018 -- Since writing and publishing this post a couple of months ago, I've received a lot of comments about its incompleteness. This post will be revised and updated soon to reflect that feedback. Stay tuned! A slide deck from EDUCAUSE made the rounds on Twitter last week, with many folks expressing shock about… Continue reading Libraries & learning analytics: A brief history.


Did you know the ACRL Oregon/Washington joint conference has been held annually since 1981? A little history lesson from University of Puget Sound Science Liaison Librarian Eli Gandour-Rood, ACRL Washington chapter President: I am happy to share that some digging into our respective chapter archives revealed that the Oregon ACRL chapter, started in 1975, held… Continue reading ACRLPNW 2017

Observe, Reflect, Learn: Developing a Peer Teaching Observation Program in Your Library

This post corresponds with my presentation at the Canadian Library Assessment Workshop on Friday, October 27, 2017 in Victoria, British Columbia. Slides:   Scenario - Leave No Trace You are the Assessment Librarian at a large university with a team of a dozen instruction librarians. Everyone is excited to embark on a new peer… Continue reading Observe, Reflect, Learn: Developing a Peer Teaching Observation Program in Your Library

Have we confused surveillance with assessment of student learning?

Somehow I had been blissfully unaware of Respondus Lockdown Browser until last week, when several students came to the library asking if we had this software available on our computers. If you’re not familiar with this product, Respondus is one of several LMS-integrated cheating-prevention tools. In simple terms, it shuts down a student’s Internet browser… Continue reading Have we confused surveillance with assessment of student learning?