On summer reading.

  I was on KUOW today to talk about my favorite subject: reading for pleasure. The theme was summer reading, which has always had warm and fuzzy connotations for me: I was a summer reading volunteer at my local public library during my teen years, and I have lots of pleasant memories of hot summer… Continue reading On summer reading.

What counts? Gender identity and library workers.

Last week, I received an email inviting me to a webinar about transgender inclusion in libraries being offered by the Washington State Library, and I immediately signed up. I am always happy to learn more about supporting transgender and non-binary library workers and patrons. (Can't make the webinar? If you're attending ALA Annual in June,… Continue reading What counts? Gender identity and library workers.

To Lock or Not to Lock?

Slides from IGNIS Webinar (4/26/18) Last fall, I was working as a part-time librarian at a community college when a student approached me at the reference desk and asked where she could take her test. She explained that she needed to download a software called Respondus that would lock down her browser, and she needed… Continue reading To Lock or Not to Lock?

Who Succeeds in Higher Education? Questioning the Connection Between Academic Libraries & Student Success.

This is a rough transcript of the plenary session presented to the California Academic & Research Libraries conference on April 15, 2018. The full paper will be published in the conference proceedings. All errors, typos, and misunderstandings are my own and do not represent the views of anyone else, including my past, present, and future… Continue reading Who Succeeds in Higher Education? Questioning the Connection Between Academic Libraries & Student Success.

Metacognition matters.

This blog post supports my presentations at the Fourth Annual Reading Apprenticeship conference at Renton Technical College, March 9-10, 2018. Reading Apprenticeship and the Research Paper Assignment - Slides Reading for Success: How to Integrate RA Routines with Your College Success Course - Slides Use the Research Reading Log to help students interact with articles… Continue reading Metacognition matters.

Am I still a librarian?

I hate debates about what makes someone a librarian. Is it a Master's degree? Your title? Your rank? Admin, classified, or faculty? Whether you sit at a desk, have an office, or work behind a counter? Work with the public or behind the scenes? I have a lot of thoughts about identity, and I guess… Continue reading Am I still a librarian?