Short Stories

Ink (Torquere, 2012)

I co-authored a steamy m/m story called “Simple Instructions” in Ink, a collection of tattoo-themed erotica.

Portland Noir (Akashic, 2009)

My story “Hummingbird” was included in Portland Noir, a geographically-themed collection of noir stories, alongside contributors like Jess Walter, Karen Karbo, and Ariel Gore.

The Art of Friction: Where (Non)Fictions Come Together (UT, 2008)

My story “Pagan Baby” was included in this anthology edited by Charles Blackstone and Jill Talbot.

Sixteen: Stories About That Sweet & Bitter Birthday (Three Rivers, 2004)

My queer love story “Relent/Persist” was included in Megan McCafferty’s 2004 collection, Sixteen: Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday.