Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Journal of Information Literacy. (Day 99/100)

The Journal of Information Literacy (JIL) and Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) both celebrated 10-year anniversaries this year--something I only figured out through a very confusing conversation with Kevin Seeber wherein I congratulated him on having a book review published in the 10th anniversary issue of JIL (it’s actually published in the 10th-anniversary issue of… Continue reading Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Journal of Information Literacy. (Day 99/100)

Information literacy assessment. (Day 88/100)

My job title is Pedagogy and Assessment Librarian. I took a course called “Assessment” in my LIS graduate program. I just finished writing a 10-page year-end assessment report which I submitted to our University Assessment Director (and he looooved it). The point is, I should know a lot about assessment. I don’t. I’m still figuring… Continue reading Information literacy assessment. (Day 88/100)

Critical information literacy. (Day 74/100)

At the CU Libraries Instruction Unconference, I attended a session about practical critical information literacy. The facilitator suggested that we introduce ourselves by explaining how we first learned about critical information literacy. Several participants indicated that the session itself was their introduction to critical information literacy, while others commented that they learned about the topic… Continue reading Critical information literacy. (Day 74/100)

In conversation with my husband. (Day 43/100)

I've been doing a lot of reading. Several times a week, I check my mailbox and find a small package from a publisher, containing a book to be read in consideration for the Stonewall Book Award. There's a growing stack of colorful books by my front door and, most days, I try to squeeze in… Continue reading In conversation with my husband. (Day 43/100)

Applying the Framework to an Online Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Course

This page provides supplemental materials related to my poster presentation on Friday, March 24 at #ACRL2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. Course Syllabus Fisher - INFO 101 - Summer 2016 Syllabus Example Assignments INFO 101 - Evaluating Sources Activity INFO 101 - Database Search Log INFO 101 - Google Search Log INFO 101 - Primo Search Log… Continue reading Applying the Framework to an Online Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Course

100 information literacy articles in 100 days.

I don’t know when the idea popped into my head. It probably seeped into my subconscious between my second and third gin and tonic with Kevin Seeber when he name-dropped yet another author I had not yet read, or mentioned some journal I wasn’t familiar with. (Yes, we do like to mix our gin with… Continue reading 100 information literacy articles in 100 days.

Tell me it’s more than a t-shirt.

On Friday, January 20th, I was on my way to Atlanta for the American Library Association Midwinter meeting, and I was looking forward to two things: staying with my friend Jessica and filling my suitcase with free books. Things I was not looking forward to included: crowds, long lines for the bathroom, awkward exhibit hall… Continue reading Tell me it’s more than a t-shirt.